Saturday, March 22, 2014

Done in time for Easter

My triumph for this evening was to put the last bead in Easter Fairy. She is completely gorgeous, and I'm so glad that I swapped out the linen from the kit with a hand-dyed fabric.  She took me just over one month to complete, and now she will make a trip to Michigan to be finished by Lori.  I should get her back just in time to enter her in my County Fair.

Here is she with just the stitching:
 And the first beads go in....

I chose Playful Sprite in 28 ct Opal Lugana by Hand Dyed by Stephanie and stitched her over 2.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Easter Fairy

I started Easter Fairy by Nora Corbett while on my trip to the frozen mid-west.  She is absolutely fun to stitch, and I did have quite a bit to frog since I spent a lot of time talking rather than paying attention to where I was.
It's a bit hard to see what is going on here, but she has taken some great shape.  I am using Playful Sprite in 28 ct Opal Lugana from Stephanie.  The masquerade fob was a wonderful surprise gift from Gina Lantis-Figueroa.