Thursday, May 29, 2014

And the verdict is.....

San Bernardino County has the longest lead time I have ever heard of for a Fair entry.  My items were turned in for judging at the end of April, and the Fair did not begin until May 24th.  Factor in that it was Memorial Day weekend, and I didn't find out how I did until last night.

So, the results are:


Yep! That's right - both pieces received First Place.  I entered my Songs of the Season sampler:

And I also entered my Nora Corbett Easter Fairy.  Because the Fairy went along with the Fair's theme of BEE-lieve in Fair e-tails, I also received a ribbon for Fair Theme:

Overall, I could not be more proud of myself!! Last year, I received a second place ribbon, and this year I received two first place ribbons.  Hmmmmm, that means that I need to figure out how to get Best of Division or Best of Show for next year, right?

Monday, May 12, 2014

Working on Halloween

Well, my local Fair has quite a huge lead time, so Easter Fairy and the Koehler Family sampler were taken in last month for judging.  The Fair doesn't begin until Memorial Day weekend, so I still have some time before I'll know how I did.

In the meantime, I have numerous projects that I would like to finish, but I seem to be traveling a lot more than usual.  Between doctor appointment, orthodontist appointment, and the girls' schedules, I am not able to stitch at home.  I have my traveling piece in my bag, and it's Happy Halloween by Silver Creek Samplers.  So far, I'm not doing too badly:

The piece called for Weeks  Dye Works floss, but I didn't have enough of them on hand, so I used the alternates in DMC.  It's still really cute, and I love how it looks on Stephanie's Witch's Brew fabby.