Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Christmas Finish

I completed a gift card holder/ornament for my step-son, Brian. Since he isn't joining us for Christmas this year, I wanted his Gift Card to arrive in style.

The holder an pattern are from Stoney Creek from their Winter 2013 magazine.
The pattern called for DMC colors and Mill Hill 03049 beads.
Once completed, I glued the back pieces and created the pouch.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Update on a Round Robin

The Round Robin that I worked on for a friend, is now leaving South Africa.  Prior to me, Evening Primrose was stitched in the bottom, I stitched Waterlily to the left, and now Winter Faerie with a more Spring coloring is included.  None of us can wait to see what will be added next.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Some purchases and a WIP

I'll start with my WIP.  I am making another Gadsden Flag, and I'm really hoping to have it ready in time to be a Christmas present.  Why do I always procrastinate??  I know what I want to make people for Christmas gifts, but I put it off and then stress myself out at the holidays.  Well, this one has a different fabric than the other, so it's a darker yellow.
I also made a rather large purchase from Gina Figueroa - her FOBS and needle minders are gorgeous!  I could not help myself especially since I have the new Gingher's in Sharon.  She made the white flower one specifically for it after seeing a picture.  
Well, now I have one more FOB than scissors, so I just MUST find a new pair of scissors that I like to house it.  The Audrey one is definitely going on the Ella Ginghers!!  Such a beautiful match!  I couldn't resist The Grinch! I have no idea what I will do with him. The needle minders are fun, and I really love having them. 
The Needle Minder I purchased from an Etsy store is actually spoiling me, however. It was custom made out of clay, and there is a notch in the middle for the needle.  I have not lost it at all since using it!!  
I am now equipped to have numerous WIPs on the scroll rods and enough needle minders to keep them on each WIP and not have to transfer them around.  Yay!