Thursday, September 27, 2012


I started the last of the boys' Christmas Ornaments. The letter B is moving smoothly, and I'm glad I have finally learned to work with opalescent fabric. I was having a very difficult time with the floss knotting up, but I've learned to untwist a lot more often, and I don't get as many knots as I was getting on the last two ornaments.  Again, I'm really glad that I started with small projects with this fabric rather than one of the larger Miras.

Over the last few weeks, I received some gorgeous fabrics from Stephanie Bishop. I joined her Fabric of the Month Club, and the September fabric was Iris (on the left). Words cannot describe how beautiful it is in person!! I also received three (3) pieces of Opal Lugana in Forest Bloom (right) to have on hand for when I finally get around to creating the Three for Tea for each one of my daughters.  
At this point, I have just as many fabrics as I do charts. Goodness knows when I'll get through it all, but I have great ambition and intentions!

Friday, September 21, 2012

October is complete

It was just a couple more hours of backstitching, and October was ready for framing!! Now, I am ready for the new month, and I'll get my next project kitted up.
 I finished the scarecrow's mouth and the inner border
 Then I completed the outer border
 The buttons were attached and in the frame it went!
Up next (yes, the baby sampler is still on the scroll rods) will be the Letter B for my youngest step-son. Once I complete these ornaments, I can get back to the baby sampler for my youngest daughter. It's still important to me to complete something stitched by me for the boys, so I'm making it a priority.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

October - almost ready

I have to repeat myself and say that I love quick stitches. These little patterns for the months from Stoney Creek really do not take that much time. Of course, I wish I didn't have to work, and then I would have more time for stitching. However, if I didn't work, I wouldn't be able to afford all of the great stash that I have! Such an evil cycle but a necessary one.

As you can see, I have made some very good progress.  There's nothing left but the backstitching, adding the sunflower beads, and then I will put it in it's frame and be ready for October.

Monday, September 17, 2012


The weekend is over, and while I had a great time with friends and traveling, I did not get much time in to stitch during the Hermit Weekend.  I did use the "excuse" to sit down last night and take just a couple hours for my stitching, and I think it went very well.  
Yesterday was also the day for the TUSAL Report, and I am happy to report that my jar is filling. I kept my middle daughter from smooshing the floss down, so you can actually see the last few projects: September's month, a couple of Christmas ornaments and now October's month.
Well, I think that it will just be the two more small projects before I return to the large baby sampler on my scroll rods.  My youngest is just dying to have a sampler on her wall like her sisters.  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

IHSW is here

If you haven't already joined, you will want to click the link on the right of my page and get yourself involved in this really fun weekend.  There's no pressure, there's no official membership list - you just get a "reason" to find time for your stitching!

This weekend is going to be very busy for me, and I'm going to have to use the "reason" myself!! Between the eldest girl's 13th birthday party and some theatre tickets for tomorrow, it's going to take some serious dedication to get to the stitching.  Luckily, I have finished one project, and this morning, I kitted up the next one:
It's mid-September, so I felt I needed to work on the month of October so it will be ready to go on the 1st.  

Now, to find the time to get stitching!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Letter J - Complete

I still need to put it into an ornament, but my middle son's Letter J is now complete.  It does feel so good to have another finish. I had to take extra time to finish this work, but work does tend to get in the way. Tonight, I put the last backstitch in.

I finished the piece into a Christmas ornament to match the other one. I thought about having them all different, but what fun would that be!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another WIP

I absolutely could not find the time to stitch while hubby was gone, but now that he is home, I am back in the groove. I know that I'm still showing the baby sampler as my current project, and I promise that it's still on my scroll rods, but the Christmas ornaments for the boys became a priority. 

So, I kitted it up  and started.  The letter J is next and it's going very smoothly. I have noticed that my floss gets knotted a lot more on the Opal fabric. Good to know on the small projects first.
Oh! And for your viewing entertainment, I did finish the other ornament over the weekend in its entirety. It's only fair to share it:

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Just a thought....

I haven't gotten a lot of stitching done this week, but I have made some serious stash orders which totally makes up for the lack of stitching.  Something else to go along with that is just a question, and I'm wondering if I'm the only one thinking it, "Who gets all of this when I'm gone?"

Seriously, I was sorting the floss I purchased from the Joann's Labor Day Sale for all of the projects I have on hand, and I made my purchases for fabric and patterns. But then it hit me! I have three daughters and so far, none of them are interested in cross-stitching. What the heck will happen to my stash?? 

Oh the dread that my supplies end up scattered to the winds, and I seriously hope it isn't any time soon. However, the drafting of our wills/living trust has made this a serious contemplation for me recently.

Anyone else think this morbidly on an average day?