Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another WIP

I absolutely could not find the time to stitch while hubby was gone, but now that he is home, I am back in the groove. I know that I'm still showing the baby sampler as my current project, and I promise that it's still on my scroll rods, but the Christmas ornaments for the boys became a priority. 

So, I kitted it up  and started.  The letter J is next and it's going very smoothly. I have noticed that my floss gets knotted a lot more on the Opal fabric. Good to know on the small projects first.
Oh! And for your viewing entertainment, I did finish the other ornament over the weekend in its entirety. It's only fair to share it:


  1. Oh it looks lovely and such a good idea to add the snowflake where the glue squeezed out a little. I wish my finishing could be that good.

  2. Wonderful finish and great start on the new ornament.Thank you for sharing your lovely work with us.

  3. You Santa ornie is darling, Kasey. :D

    Also... CONGRATS!! You won my Scrapbook Giveaway:

    Since you don't have an email account linked to blogger, I couldn't email you directly. If you'd send me your email addy, I'll email you the code for the free My Memories Suite copy. :)

    Congrats again.

    1. Thanks and thanks! I sent you an email.

  4. That is a cute finish on your Santa ornament, and you have a great start on the next one. Those Q-snaps really seem to make the difference :)



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