Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Final Finish of 2014!

Yay!!!  With just a few hours to spare, I finished "Thankful" of the Twice Blessed from Hands on Designs.  I chose not to use the felt pennies that are included with the pattern, and I stitched the bottom portion.  

The fabric is Jack's Rum by Hand Dyed by Stephanie as was used on the model.  I used 32 ct Jobelan and loved every stitch.  The floss is all Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Arts Threads. 

I am now going to spend the next couple hours pulling patterns and stash for the 15 Miras in '15.  I believe I have truly lost my mind to attempt this, but it will be a great way to kick start me to working on these great patterns I have been collecting over the last few years.  

Have a Happy New Year!! I look forward to seeing what you finish and start in the New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year's Resolution

I bet you all thought I fell off the earth!! The move took way more out of me than I anticipated, so it not only kept me from posting, but it also kept me from stitching.  The job here is wonderful, but it is a lot more work that I had been told.  I love a challenge, and I happen to be good at this part of the job, so it's nothing more than taking more time than I'm used to giving.  We also had a massive leak in our new home.  Luckily, we found it quickly, but the insurance had to pay $13,000 to repair everything, and it took 6 weeks.  Ugh.

So, now that things are back on track, I'm getting some stitching done. I also found something out about myself - I actually need a television to help with stitching!  My husband and I made a decision about this new house - the television would go downstairs, in the basement for the kids.  We do not have cable.  The girls can watch movies or stream on the Apple TV, and that's it.  We never watch it, so why bother?  Our main living room upstairs is open and inviting - it is a visiting area for adults and where we read and I stitch.  

Except, that I found that even with a radio playing, my mind wanders and I get distracted from my stitching.  Huh? This is weird! So I plugged in my iPad, and brought up Netflix to watch one of my favorite Christmas movies, Miracle on 34th Street (black and white version, of course), and I stitched while the movie played.  I wasn't really focusing on the movie because I know it by heart, but just listening to it, and glancing over at it really helped.  I found that I was almost done with my latest WIP! Just one more line across the top, and I might actually have another finish for 2014. Nice!

So, I have a new plan for the New Year - set up the guest room to double as a Stitching Room!!  The best part - the hubby agrees with this plan, so now I have a new mission for that room.  It's on the main level of the house, so it would be totally convenient AND it makes more sense with my stitching stand.

The main floor is mostly hardwood as is my stand.  I could put felt on the bottom, but it would be a pain, and I would be afraid to move it around.  The designated Guest Room, however, has carpet.  So, rather than a bed in there, we are going to get a sleeper sofa - the new ones where there is no icky bar killing your back - and put in an Ott Light on the end table for me.  Then, we'll also put a small TV on the wall where I can stream movies and stitch.  Sah-weet!

So, there are my large plans for the New Year.  What are yours??  Have you purchased really cool items for this year??  

If you are looking for a challenge, take a look at this Facebook Group: 15 Miras in '15:

I have joined in on this craziness, and I'm not sure how I will get to it all, but it will be fun to try.  There are plenty of other great SALs going on, so tell us what you're planning.  I'm sure everyone would love to see new stash opportunities!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Long, Overdue Finish

There is much to be said for moving: a fresh start, new friends, and new adventures.  However, I found it horribly frustrating.  So many other things took precedence over my craft which left its mark on my sanity.

The new house is far from completed and totally settled, but I had some time to finally get this piece done!!  It was officially completed on October 11th, but I am just now finding time to post about it.

Here is my completed "Halloween" from Silver Creek Samplers.  My fabric choice was a 28 ct. Jobelan in Witch's Brew by Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie.  I used the DMC alternative floss rather than the Weeks Dyed Works that the pattern called for.
I will be sending this to Lori Curtis to have it finished into a box.  I have no doubt she'll do an amazing job.  I do not have a clue, however, when I'll find time to send this to her....hopefully before next Halloween.  

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Move Successful....A Freebie

Well, we have now been in Montana for 6 weeks.  It has gone very fast, and we have accomplished a lot around the house and getting settled into a new community.  We are slowly meeting people, and my new job is working out well.

The stitching, however, has had to take a back seat.  I have not had any time for my hobby which is really annoying, but we really want to get the house settled. 

In the meantime, here is a link for a really cute Halloween freebie:

Until the next update....Enjoy your stitching time.  Be sure to share your updates!

Monday, July 28, 2014

So much time.....

Wow!!  I just thought about my blog this morning, and felt I should update a bit.  It's a good thing, too, since my last post was in May!!  So much has been going on, and I'm sorry to report that it hasn't involved a whole lot of stitching.

Personally, my position at my last job was dissolved, and there was no negotiating with them for a future job.  The good news, I found a new position quickly, but it is in a different State, so I have spent the past few weeks frantically packing up my house, and preparing my family to move a few states away.  Nothing like a little stress to keep you going, right?  We are hoping to head out this weekend, but we'll know more as we hear from the lender on the house we purchased.

The only stitching I have managed to get done is a little bit here and there.  I have been working on Halloween still, and I had so hoped to have it done and then finished into a flat fold by the season.
Every little chance I get, I'm stitching on this.  It hasn't been easy to keep finding time with everything else that needs to get done right now, but stitching is such a stress reliever for me!!

 My big escape was back in June.  I attended the Chicago GTG again, and once again, I had an amazing time!  I met new friends and visited with the ones I met last year.  It has to be said (again), if you can ever attend a Get Together - DO IT!!    Here are some of the highlights:

 Genie is the woman who puts this on, and she is just a DOLL!!  I love the ladies I meet and get to talk to, and I'm looking forward to the 2015 adventure!!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

And the verdict is.....

San Bernardino County has the longest lead time I have ever heard of for a Fair entry.  My items were turned in for judging at the end of April, and the Fair did not begin until May 24th.  Factor in that it was Memorial Day weekend, and I didn't find out how I did until last night.

So, the results are:


Yep! That's right - both pieces received First Place.  I entered my Songs of the Season sampler:

And I also entered my Nora Corbett Easter Fairy.  Because the Fairy went along with the Fair's theme of BEE-lieve in Fair e-tails, I also received a ribbon for Fair Theme:

Overall, I could not be more proud of myself!! Last year, I received a second place ribbon, and this year I received two first place ribbons.  Hmmmmm, that means that I need to figure out how to get Best of Division or Best of Show for next year, right?

Monday, May 12, 2014

Working on Halloween

Well, my local Fair has quite a huge lead time, so Easter Fairy and the Koehler Family sampler were taken in last month for judging.  The Fair doesn't begin until Memorial Day weekend, so I still have some time before I'll know how I did.

In the meantime, I have numerous projects that I would like to finish, but I seem to be traveling a lot more than usual.  Between doctor appointment, orthodontist appointment, and the girls' schedules, I am not able to stitch at home.  I have my traveling piece in my bag, and it's Happy Halloween by Silver Creek Samplers.  So far, I'm not doing too badly:

The piece called for Weeks  Dye Works floss, but I didn't have enough of them on hand, so I used the alternates in DMC.  It's still really cute, and I love how it looks on Stephanie's Witch's Brew fabby.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Done in time for Easter

My triumph for this evening was to put the last bead in Easter Fairy. She is completely gorgeous, and I'm so glad that I swapped out the linen from the kit with a hand-dyed fabric.  She took me just over one month to complete, and now she will make a trip to Michigan to be finished by Lori.  I should get her back just in time to enter her in my County Fair.

Here is she with just the stitching:
 And the first beads go in....

I chose Playful Sprite in 28 ct Opal Lugana by Hand Dyed by Stephanie and stitched her over 2.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Easter Fairy

I started Easter Fairy by Nora Corbett while on my trip to the frozen mid-west.  She is absolutely fun to stitch, and I did have quite a bit to frog since I spent a lot of time talking rather than paying attention to where I was.
It's a bit hard to see what is going on here, but she has taken some great shape.  I am using Playful Sprite in 28 ct Opal Lugana from Stephanie.  The masquerade fob was a wonderful surprise gift from Gina Lantis-Figueroa.  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stitching Friends

I took off for Columbus, Ohio. Nikki Loans (middle) was on an airplane for 27 hours from Cape Town, South Africa, and we met Tina Bush and stayed with her for the week. Nikki wanted to see snow, and she got a LOT of her wish.

While here, we had the pleasure and honor of seeing Nora Corbett, the designer of Mirabilia and the Nora Corbett pixies, etc. We loved having brunch with her one afternoon followed by some shipping. Today, we enjoyed going to see her again.  Not only did we have the privilege of seeing her studio, but we got to spend more time with her having drinks and supper. Nora is absolutely a doll, and we loved spending time getting to know her. It's official, we love her as much as we love her art.

Tina drove Nikki and me to Michigan where we got to see the talented Stephanie Bishop, and she was awesome enough to let us stay with her.  During our trip to the frozen tundra, we were able to see some incredible LNS's as well as Stephanie working her magic on some fabric.

 Did I mention - Frozen Tundra?

 This is The Rocking Horse.  What an amazing store!

 Lori Curtis, Stephanie Bishop, Tina Bush, Nikki Loans and me
 Nothing like a GTG

 The amazing Amy Abler

This is a piece of fabric that is now known as Frozen Freckles because of Stephanie's daughter, Izzy.  

What a great way to spend some time away! My next trip will be for the Chicago GTG, and I will see some of these great ladies again.  We will keep Nikki in our hearts.  If you ever have the opportunity to meet with her - I highly suggest it.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


I am seriously doing a happy dance!!  I finally finished The Gadsden Flag.  I had meant for this one to be a gift at Christmas, but I simply ran out of time.  So, I gave the other one as the friend's gift and now this one is being given to the hubby for his birthday next month.  Whew!!!  

Again, I used 32ct Jobelan in Sunflower from Hand Dyed by Stephanie for the fabric.  It is completely perfect for this design.  The pattern is from Stoney Creek.
I will iron it again tomorrow before taking it for framing.  The last  little bit of unevenness should be removed when it's pinned and in the frame.  

Friday, January 24, 2014

A Non-stitchy update

Holy moly! It's been a long time since I posted anything here!!  Well, our Christmas was full of friends and family as well as an anniversary celebration, so we were very busy in this house.  I did not get any (yes, that's right - zip, none, nada, null) stitching done over my Break.  I am really not sure how that happened.  I seriously just wanted to sit and stitch on my days off.  However, Life had other plans for me. 

I did, however, manage to get a LOT of stash!! I know, I know.  I have enough stash for two lifetimes, but it is all so pretty!!  I have to share with you!

Up first is the Frosty Forest SAL from Country Cottage Needleworks.  I debated over this one, but I really love how it's evolving, so I bought the patterns:

 Next is the one set of cards from Nora that I absolutely HAD to have:
I keep waiting for when the cards are released with Sabrina.  I will purchase many of those since my love of everything Hepburn knows no bounds.  

Then, there is all of the fabby that I purchased.  Seriously, I now have so much fabric that I have to find another way to store it. I can't help myself.  Stephanie's fabrics are amazing.  I am part of her Fabric of the Month Club, and I purchased during her sale as well.

 Celtic Christmas
 Chocolate Milk
 Lunar Eclipse
 Nantucket Blue
 Pixie Kiss
Winter Solstice

The fabrics I ordered were mostly 32 ct Jobelan, but I also have a couple 28 ct.  I added some Opals to my stash as well of some older colors.  Now, I really need to get stitching so I can use these gorgeous pieces!!

I received a message from South Africa today.  Nikki has started my Round Robin, so she sent me these teasers:

Ohhhhh!!! It's so pretty!!  I believe that it's Scent of Old Roses.  She hasn't confirmed it yet, but I'm so excited to see it taking shape.