Monday, May 12, 2014

Working on Halloween

Well, my local Fair has quite a huge lead time, so Easter Fairy and the Koehler Family sampler were taken in last month for judging.  The Fair doesn't begin until Memorial Day weekend, so I still have some time before I'll know how I did.

In the meantime, I have numerous projects that I would like to finish, but I seem to be traveling a lot more than usual.  Between doctor appointment, orthodontist appointment, and the girls' schedules, I am not able to stitch at home.  I have my traveling piece in my bag, and it's Happy Halloween by Silver Creek Samplers.  So far, I'm not doing too badly:

The piece called for Weeks  Dye Works floss, but I didn't have enough of them on hand, so I used the alternates in DMC.  It's still really cute, and I love how it looks on Stephanie's Witch's Brew fabby.


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