Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Emotions Run High

Two weeks ago, our dog was hit and left for dead.  It's a horrible way to open a blog post, but it's what we have been facing in this house. We thought it was just a small fracture on her front leg and a hip that wouldn't go back in, but it turned out to be way worse. We have been fortunate in that people have donated to her care so we could afford it better, and the surgeon is working with us so we can bring her  home and give her a good quality of life.  Here is Addie:

She's a great dog, and she really helps my husband. We never put her through Service Dog training, so she isn't official as one, but she really keeps him going on his bad days.  We have had to figure out a whole new budget, but she is worth it all. Addie should be home by early next week.  The poor thing made it through her hip surgery today, and she will undergo surgery on her front leg tomorrow.  

In order to keep my sanity, I returned to stitching. I allowed Life to get in the way, and I found myself not doing something I love in order to meet the expectations and needs of family and friends.  So, this past week, I pulled out a WIP and got to work on it.  Today, I have a finish!!

I used a conversion that I found on a Mirabilia site on the internet and changed the wings to a gold color and backstitched in brown.  I think this gives her a more "autumn" look to go with the sunflower.

Now, I will put her aside and get busy on the wedding sampler that a friend made for me last year.  We are going to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary this year - better late on the sampler than never!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Ventures!

Boy, have I been busy, and it wasn't even for stitching!!  The new location, the new job, and a new business venture have all taken their toll on my time. (Not to mention having the hubby and three teenage girls in the house!).

So, I have a new website which is up and ready to go!!  Check it out at www.3kcrafting.com! Right now, I have patterns, embellishments and some fabric.  My hope it to finally get the floor stand finished and ready for production.  Yes, it's been a few years since I started talking about this, but it is a great stand, and I think Montana will allow me to create it and do a great job.

There have been a number of glitches to my new website, but I believe that all of them have been found.  I have a monthly newsletter that goes out which highlights the current items, and there is usually a coupon code to be found.  Be sure to subscribe and stay informed!

As for my personal stitching, I am actually very close to being done with the Sunflower Fairy by Nora Corbett.  It is my hope that it will be done before I head back to teaching in August!!