Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stitching Friends

I took off for Columbus, Ohio. Nikki Loans (middle) was on an airplane for 27 hours from Cape Town, South Africa, and we met Tina Bush and stayed with her for the week. Nikki wanted to see snow, and she got a LOT of her wish.

While here, we had the pleasure and honor of seeing Nora Corbett, the designer of Mirabilia and the Nora Corbett pixies, etc. We loved having brunch with her one afternoon followed by some shipping. Today, we enjoyed going to see her again.  Not only did we have the privilege of seeing her studio, but we got to spend more time with her having drinks and supper. Nora is absolutely a doll, and we loved spending time getting to know her. It's official, we love her as much as we love her art.

Tina drove Nikki and me to Michigan where we got to see the talented Stephanie Bishop, and she was awesome enough to let us stay with her.  During our trip to the frozen tundra, we were able to see some incredible LNS's as well as Stephanie working her magic on some fabric.

 Did I mention - Frozen Tundra?

 This is The Rocking Horse.  What an amazing store!

 Lori Curtis, Stephanie Bishop, Tina Bush, Nikki Loans and me
 Nothing like a GTG

 The amazing Amy Abler

This is a piece of fabric that is now known as Frozen Freckles because of Stephanie's daughter, Izzy.  

What a great way to spend some time away! My next trip will be for the Chicago GTG, and I will see some of these great ladies again.  We will keep Nikki in our hearts.  If you ever have the opportunity to meet with her - I highly suggest it.

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