Sunday, September 2, 2012

Just a thought....

I haven't gotten a lot of stitching done this week, but I have made some serious stash orders which totally makes up for the lack of stitching.  Something else to go along with that is just a question, and I'm wondering if I'm the only one thinking it, "Who gets all of this when I'm gone?"

Seriously, I was sorting the floss I purchased from the Joann's Labor Day Sale for all of the projects I have on hand, and I made my purchases for fabric and patterns. But then it hit me! I have three daughters and so far, none of them are interested in cross-stitching. What the heck will happen to my stash?? 

Oh the dread that my supplies end up scattered to the winds, and I seriously hope it isn't any time soon. However, the drafting of our wills/living trust has made this a serious contemplation for me recently.

Anyone else think this morbidly on an average day?


  1. If you have ever walked through a thrift store you would probably realize that, sadly, most of a dearly departed loved ones belongings end up there. My own view is that no one cares about my stitching finishes or supplies other than me(that isn't to say my hubby does not support my love of stitching) so I try to focus on what I will enjoy during this lifetime.

    (I bought a completed Mirabilia a few years ago on ebay for only $20 (maidens of the seasons) and I had it framed but I am always wondering about the person who stitched it and wonder if it was her family that sold it for so cheap)

  2. I have also wondered that. My husband wouldn't keep my framed cross stitch as its not to his liking. He doesn't mind it as my hobby but that's as far as it goes. I'm hoping my daughter catches the bug and she can keep my meagre stash... But if she was a stitcher herself then she would need wall space for her own stitcht goodness and not have room for mine. Yes best not to think about it.

  3. I just believe my kids will keep the finished pieces, and hang them up in their house to keep me around them forever. I have talked with one of my kids and asked her if she doesn't want the stash, to give to a women's shelter.

  4. I guess I am a lucky one, I have 2 daughters that stitch and a niece thats stitches. So I know my stash will go to good homes.
    Happy Stitching


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