Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Finished (and not quite finished)

I had to take a much-needed break from work today, so I got the mat cut and the fabric cut for making my (step) son's Christmas ornament. The stitching was completed last night, and it looks really cute.
But then, I put some Christmas holly fabric around foam core mounting board. I placed the Letter S on a piece of thin mounting board and then glued it on top of the foam core. 
After doing all of this, I realized that the cording I had was way too thin, so I will need to get some thicker cording to wrap around the Letter S, and then I will add the snowflake button to the top for an added decoration. 
Because of a small glue malfunction, I will probably have to add some sort of ribbon to the bottom left corner to cover up all the glue that squished out, but hopefully, he will still like it.

Now, only two more of these to make.......


  1. Love it - I have lots of ornaments (well 6) to finish off, and I think this is a great way. Thank you for sharing...

  2. Cute, cute, cute! I'm always looking for ways to finish ornaments and yours looks so good! Thanks for the idea.


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