Saturday, August 4, 2012

A New Baking Find!

While this is not cross-stitching related, I felt that I would share a new find of mine.  When Ken and I visited Julian, CA last month, we stopped in a little store on Main street that sold honey, jams, and a ton of other assorted items.  I purchased a really cute, decorative teaspoon set, a bag that I'm using for my crafting, some desserts and a couple bags of scone mix that I saw.

This morning, I figured I would whip up the Scones. I wasn't going to be making them from scratch - which was a total plus today - and the family really enjoys a "baked" event in this house. In looking over the directions, what could be easier than "Just Add Water"?? The company that makes these is out of Washington state: Sticky Fingers Bakeries.  In looking at their website, I learned that the store in Julian did have every package they make for scones, and I'm very interested in trying the brownies.

Per their website, there are only three stores that carry their product in the entire state of California, so I will definitely be ordering from their website. For those interested, they offer free shipping at $75. Given that each package is $5.99, you'll have quite the haul when you reach the free shipping stage.  Currently, my wishlist is packed full.

So, I got everything together, and within 8 minutes, the scones were on the baking sheet and ready for the oven. I have NEVER had the scones ready before the oven was pre-heated. Awesome! It would have gone faster if I had looked at their website first and seen these scones are meant to be dropped and rounded. I took the time to wedge them, and the dough was far more sticky than what I'm used to making from scratch.
The baking time was a little longer than what I'm used to, but when I walked back into the kitchen after hearing the timer, I have to say, Oh My God! The smell was amazing!

The ones I started with were the Lemon Ginger. I didn't think about the kick that the ginger would give them, but they were very tasty. I didn't have any Devonshire Cream on hand, so that is something I'll have to remember to get soon now that the weather will start cooling down and I can use the oven again on a regular basis.

While I completely prefer to make all of my yummy creations from scratch, I have only ever used a couple other "packaged" brands.  I now have a new favorite to keep on hand for when I want the "yummy" without all of the work!

**PS - I received an email from Ashley at Sticky Fingers who said that their product is, in fact, available at major retailers! I will definitely be on the lookout. Here is a list of what she gave me as possible locations for purchase:  World Market, Home Goods, Home Sense, TJ Maxx, Whole Foods, Raley's Stores, Gelson's  and many more. I love knowing that this company was originally started in San Diego, CA.  

Thanks, Ashley, for the information!


  1. I love those mixes. I have been buying them for years. I get them at International Market stores. I love the lemon ginger and I'll throw a handful of craisins in them for that extra umph. They have a few in the fall only one is pumpkin spice that is awesome. I'm with you and highly recommend them for a quickie treat. Great for those snow days.

  2. Oh boy now you made me hungry. Might have to make some (from scratch) and have a tea party on my side. Mmm must go buy some cheese or yummy jame.


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