Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I am not a robot

In order to post comments on others' blogs, I see this a lot:

Please prove you're not a robot
reCAPTCHA challenge image
In all fairness to myself - someone who tries to post a comment to every single person's blog on the Stitching Blog Hops and ISHW posts -this is entirely frustrating. The one  you see above was actually an easy one to read as compared to many of the ones that I had to try over and over again.

Seriously?? Does anyone else have an issue with this? It's one of the reasons that I removed the commenting moderation and requirements on my own blog, and a reason why I don't actually get to everyone's blog sites to see your updates. 


  1. I also have trouble with these things...some many times I have to type them again and again. I took this part off of my blog because I thought if I have trouble with it then I am sure others do too! I have mine set up where the comments have to be approved by my before it posts to my blog.

  2. Amen! They drive me nuts. I have to do it several times too. I hope this doesn't pop up with my blog.

  3. I don't like it either, but I do it because there are blogs that I like and want to share my comments. I'm pretty sure I removed this from my blog and haven't had anything bad happen.

  4. Hello Kasey

    I don't like it either. Sometimes they are completely unreadable and you have to try several times.

    Holly x

  5. Yes, I have detested it for years. I disabled this part on my blog but I keep the moderation part (where I get an e-mail to opt to publish the comments) which I get so much spam from so that part is necessary.

  6. And are robots online and reading our blogs, and if they did what would they post? I think it is the real idiot people around who may post inappropriate comments we have to be concerned with, they have no issue getting past the robot test...Just saying, what is its real purpose? Would love to know if anyone has ever been spammed in their blog comments?

  7. Ladies! Thank you for the vindication!! I have never heard of a robot or computer spamming our blog posts, but it's a feature that is there. I can understand the moderating your comments especially is someone has been rude to you, but I disabled the feature immediately from my blogs. (If it ever rears its ugly head for some reason - tell me!)

  8. I've been trying to leave a comment on a blog today and I have tried at least eight times with no success. DRATS!!!


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