Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Small Interruption

This is very difficult for me, but I started another project before I was done with the current project.  I am a Disciplined Diva, not a Superstar Serial Starter, but I was away on business for a couple days, and I could not take the larger project with me.  I thought about just not stitching while at the hotel, but then what else could I do??? Of course, I just had to stitch! I mean, I did spend time with an old friend since I was in the area, and I did a lot of Team Building with some co-workers, but when it comes down to it, I just had to stitch!

So, I started the September monthly pattern from Stoney Creek:

If it goes as fast as August did, I should be done by tomorrow night and then get back to the baby sampler I was working on.

Now, I did learn that one of my co-workers does cross-stitching.  She and I were so excited to be able to "talk the lingo" with each other because no one else that we know stitches. I made sure to add her to a couple of the Facebook groups and she had to be included in Stephanie's group so she can get addicted to the hand-dyed fabrics as well.  It was fun to see what she had/was doing and I loved showing her my work. Stacey will become a Mira Minion as well if I get my way.

So, I will continue my finish of my new little WIP and then get back on track. I am far more motivated to finish this now so that I can start my original WIP which should help.

Oh! And may I just add that I received my latest shipment from Stoney Creek yesterday when I returned.  I was relishing the idea that I was almost done with the Pattern of the Month series, and then what do I find in my envelope, but the advertisement for the next POM Series:
Crap, crap, crap!!! This one is way cute as well, and of course, I'll have to get these as well.  I think this one will have to stay as a set though, so I may just have to pay the shipping each month as well as purchase the embellishments, but isn't this something that my girls will just have to have when they go off to college??  


  1. Great start! I was thrilled too when I found out that one of my friends stitched. :D


  2. Stoney Creek does have some great charts. A cross stitch buddy is a wonderful find.

  3. No wonder you can't resist the next storey creek monthly. Too cute!


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