Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's that time of year...

After the last few Stoney Creek patterns of the month, I decided I would try a Q-Snap that I have heard so much about. I didn't want anything but the smallest one because the idea was for me to have a frame holder for the smaller patterns so my hands don't cramp while I stitch.  I love my scroll rods for my larger projects, but I wanted something portable, durable, and something to save my hand muscles.

I used my 40% off coupon to Hobby Lobby and I bought the last Q-snap they had. Fortunately for me, it was the 6" x 6".  I had used hoops in the past, but I hate the marks that are left on the fabric, and I detested how my oils and the dirt totally stick to the piece when using a hoop. I was very afraid that I was purchasing a very expensive hoop ($12 was the original price for the small size).

Now, I seem to have become a Serial Starter because I still have the baby sampler on the scroll rods, but I realized that Fall is just around the corner, and I promised myself that I would my make sons a Christmas ornament. They are actually my steps-sons, and while they aren't making actual noises with their complaints that everything I create only has the girls in it or on it or is for the girls, I have noticed that they look around in the house. My only defense is that they are rarely here, so it's hard to include them in pictures, etc. 

But, to correct this, I pulled out a white opalescent Jobelan, and I used the Better Homes and Garden Christmas book I had to take the letters from the bell pull sampler to stitch individually - AND, I started using my new Q-snap. So, in getting ready for The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, I have a Christmas WIP.
What a difference!!! I am able to stitch longer, and I have to say that the Q-snap holds the tension very, very well.  If the fabric starts to slip, just a simple adjustment, and I'm ready to stitch again.

The stitching went so fast on this smaller project that I didn't even realize how much I got done so quickly.  The start of the project was just yesterday, and here was my progress through tonight:

I have to say that I'm really impressed.  I had heard all of the hype about the Q-snaps, and I didn't want to buy into it because I couldn't afford any new notions at this point, but it really has made a difference.  I will totally used my scroll rods until they give out. I love the floor stand, but I do love the tension quality of the Q-snaps, and the ability to keep the fabric clean while stitching. 

If everything goes well, I will be turning this into a Christmas ornament by tomorrow night, and I should be very good to go for the other two boys before Christmas. 


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I really love this, it is sooo cute. Well done one being sucked into the wonderful world of Q snaps. They are a bit more expensive but totally worth it. I bought the duo which has enough pieces to make either a 14x14", 9x9" or 14x9" a good number of years ago and at the time it was very expensive but I still use it all the time. I am very tempted by the Q snap lap frame. Wonder how I can squeeze it into my budget :)

  2. I have been avoiding the Q Snap - I had been using a 6" hoop and still do so for beading but have transitioned to stitching in hand - but someone told me that stitching in hand can cause all kinds of wrist problems - so I have been rethinking it - so now because of you I might break and try a small q-snap!

    1. I understand that avoidance Jocelyn. I didn't want to "cave" in either, but I'm glad I did. My wrists and hands don't hurt while I'm using it.

  3. I have only just found q snaps also, advice from the owner of my LNS, - I love them too.

    Your ornament is way cute. How old are the boys?

    1. Thanks! They like to remind me that they are my "step" sons, but I've never treated them as such. I'm hoping they won't complain about getting them. The eldest is 21, then (almost) 18 and then 16. We'll see how they like them. Each will have the first letter of his name stitched and then made into an ornament.

    2. I know how that step thing is. You have so many great ideas, your blog is great to read.


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