Saturday, August 25, 2012

No Stitching - Stash!

I took a small hiatus from stitching this week. I was eager to finish a book, The Villa by Nora Roberts, and it was really great to take some added time for myself, my husband and some friends this week.  We have enjoyed a truly authentic Italian meal this week which included the singing and dancing in the restaurant as the need arose. Along with the truly amazing food was time with my hubby and a good friend of ours. We still haven't decided if he helped our spirits lift or we helped his, but it was great either way.

While I did not pick up my needle this week, I did manage to get some great new stash. I have yet to figure out what it is that makes me purchase more and more when I know perfectly good and well that I have more than enough to keep me busy past the grave, but yet, I just had to have these patterns.

The first purchase I made was inspired by a wickedly evil Kevin Tober. He is included on many of the stitching groups on Facebook, and as soon as he posted a picture of this one, I knew I was a goner:
This is from Cross-Eyed Cricket, and my American Literature teacher heart just loved it! I love the story of Ichabod Crane and the magic that appeals to me from the time period. Even better is the idea of panels for this to be showcased on my entertainment center.  Now, reality keeps nagging at me - yeah, when will I have time to get to this, but I had to purchase it nonetheless.

Also arrived was the most PERFECT pattern for my own marriage.  The hubby and I have a few years together, but I never found the right pattern for us. Therefore, while I have made many other wedding samplers for others, our spot on our wall is still bare.  Well, until I found this one:
I'm going to alter things a little bit being that I will use a dark green opalescent fabric - Fern by Stephanie Bishop, but everything else will remain. Our wedding was at Christmas-time, and our colors were Hunter green and gold. How perfect!! Both the hubby and I have deep German roots, but I really enjoy the tad bit of Irish I have, and this Celtic Knot is a perfect symbol for us. The fabric has been ordered, and I'm anxiously waiting for Stephanie to get it to me.  

My final purchase was one that I was really trying to avoid. I am completely aware that I only have so much wall space in my house, and I do not want to "clutter" my walls with all of the things that I make. Most everything ends up as a gift, but I have started to do seasonal items that I can rotate throughout the year. But, my love of Audrey Hepburn, and my absolute favorite movie of hers was Sabrina. The dress she wore to the party was awesome, and after seeing so many other finishes of the pattern, I totally caved in and purchased the Mirabilia and the beads:
I'm not sure when I'll get to Sabrina, but I now have the pattern and bead set. I will have to pick the perfect pattern for her - especially given all of the white in this gown.  I'm sure she will be amazing, and I'll find the right place for her in my home when she's done.

I hope that everyone else has had a great week of stitching, and I'll be perusing others' blogs for inspiration. My book was finished, so I'm sure I'll be picking up my needle again by tonight.  It was great to take a small hiatus even if it did cost me a few dollars.  


  1. Great stash. I do love that last one as well dress is just beautiful.

  2. I have sabrina started and she is such a fun stitch, you will love her! I also have sleepy hallow, and am lusting after a start for it, I guess we have very similar tastes!

  3. Hello
    I'm Giovanna from Italy
    I adore Sabrina both the movie and the Mirabilia embroidery.
    I have bought it and soon I will realize it.
    :) Gio '


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