Monday, December 2, 2013

Some purchases and a WIP

I'll start with my WIP.  I am making another Gadsden Flag, and I'm really hoping to have it ready in time to be a Christmas present.  Why do I always procrastinate??  I know what I want to make people for Christmas gifts, but I put it off and then stress myself out at the holidays.  Well, this one has a different fabric than the other, so it's a darker yellow.
I also made a rather large purchase from Gina Figueroa - her FOBS and needle minders are gorgeous!  I could not help myself especially since I have the new Gingher's in Sharon.  She made the white flower one specifically for it after seeing a picture.  
Well, now I have one more FOB than scissors, so I just MUST find a new pair of scissors that I like to house it.  The Audrey one is definitely going on the Ella Ginghers!!  Such a beautiful match!  I couldn't resist The Grinch! I have no idea what I will do with him. The needle minders are fun, and I really love having them. 
The Needle Minder I purchased from an Etsy store is actually spoiling me, however. It was custom made out of clay, and there is a notch in the middle for the needle.  I have not lost it at all since using it!!  
I am now equipped to have numerous WIPs on the scroll rods and enough needle minders to keep them on each WIP and not have to transfer them around.  Yay!

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