Saturday, November 23, 2013

It's Home!!

My Song of the Seasons returned home yesterday.  I had sent it to Jill Rensel for framing, and she and her staff once again amazed me with their work!!
It arrived packaged amazingly well.  Everything was bubble-wrapped, cardboard everywhere and then wrapped again.  One day, I will not be so excited for a shipment from her and I will photograph how well everything is put together for shipping.

I had asked Jill for something "fatigued" that would give the piece a type of instant vintage look.  I think she found the perfect frame for it!

I have hung it in the living room so that it is visible to anyone allowed in the home.  I love this project, and I am so glad that I was able to complete it and send it out for Jill to frame.

On a side note - the hubby and I learned a valuable lesson.  Language acquisition is not only important but vital.  We have shared our limited knowledge of our family's native German, but I failed to allow my girls to READ in the language.  So, the middle daughter had a fit when she was reading that the Koehler Family should "DIE".  "Why do you want our family to die?!?!"  She could NOT understand why I was laughing so hard.  I had to explain the language again and then she calmed down.  

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  1. Looking so beautiful...very pretty framed..
    Enjoy my dear.
    Big hugs x


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