Sunday, September 29, 2013

Song of the Seasons Finished

I finally finished my version of the Little House Needleworks Mystery SAL. Whew! It was a lot of time that I didn't actually have, so I completely hibernated until I was done.  
Once I was into this project, I couldn't seem to work on anything else (and I received a Round Robin which was pushing me forward).  I added beads for the raindrops and snowflakes as well as for the snowman.  I also reworked the Season names so the colors matched the season.

Then, I took the time to alter the alphabet portion.  I really don't care for alphabet samplers, so I changed this to be for our Family name, and I used our native German for it.  I debated about making the date large and to match, but I opted for a smaller date in the bottom right corner. That way, any of the children who decide they want this can have it hang as just a Family Banner, but when it was completed will be remembered.

Because of how important this piece became to me, I have written a small account of it on parchment paper so I can attach it to the back of the piece when I received it back from the framer (Jill Rensel - who else??).  It describes how Nikki Loans convinced me to try this with her and she will have one similar to it at her house in South Africa as well as how our family is to sing together through all of the seasons every year.  

So, now that my sentimental heart is done with this piece, I'm packaging it up to send it off for framing....and kitting up the RR piece that I need to get done.  

Then, it's on to Christmas stitching!!


  1. Beautiful work - love the colors!
    Happy Stitching

  2. Most excellent finish! Good job!


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