Monday, August 15, 2016

Great Lakes Retreat

Wow! My summer has zoomed by, but I was so glad that I could make it to Aury and Stephanie's first stitching retreat. 

The 1st Annual Great Lakes Retreat took place last month in Dundee, Michigan, and it was a blast!!

For any of you not familiar with these two, here you go:
Aury is on the left and Stephanie on the right

Aury is AuryTM Designs and Stephanie is Hand Dyed by Stephanie fabrics. Both are very talented ladies, and they not only put on a great retreat, but there were many goodies to be found!

There were designs from Aury and fabrics from Stephanie....

 As well as many other great stitching items from Stitches and Things - Deb brought her store to us!

Here are some of the highlights from this retreat:

If you are able to make it next year, you should! Stephanie and Aury are still looking at June or July for a summer retreat, and they are trying to find a new venue so the stitching room is larger.  Yay!  

There is so much fun when you spend time with others who enjoy the same hobby.  There was much laughter, camaraderie, stitching, and new friends to make!

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