Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wipocalypse - First in 2013!

This is my first participation in the Wipocalypse. I am so glad that Measi is allowing for an "anytime" joining, so if you're new to it, then click on over Here for the information and join. Her 2013 button isn't ready yet, but we'll have that soon. I missed joining this last year as I was new to the blogging world, but I was all caffeinated and ready to go this year. I found that participating in these little events really helped me to finish projects as well as document them and showcase them. I have also found that I have gotten to see others' work and get to know them which has helped me to learn more techniques and about new designers. More stash - who wouldn't be happy. 

So, this month's theme is easy - introduce yourself and your plan for 2013.  My "about me" sums it up pretty well: I am the wife to an incredible man (USMC Retired) and mother to three daughters and step-mother to three sons. We are a blended family which has challenges all its own, but we make it work. This blog is a compilation of all of my creativity. Of course, that means that I spend most of my time following a pattern, but it is what I have made by hand.

And yes, you read that right - we have 6 children between us: three boys and three girls. Two of the boys are in college now and the third is in his junior year in high school.  The girls are all in the K-8 system so we have a little ways to go with them. We have our ex-spouse dramas, but we deal with them together. The girls have not been able to visit with their dad at his choice for the last two years, so my hubby is their full-time dad - which they love.  This was us just a bit over 4 years ago (time sure flies by):
In addition to all of this fun family stuff, I also work full time as a Special Education teacher. I work with students who are Mild to Moderately disabled which means that it is mostly learning disabilities, but I have added authorizations for Traumatic Brain Injury, Emotionally Disturbed and now I'm working on the Autism Authorization.

As you read, my hubby is Retired from the Marine Corps, but it is a medical retirement so we have various doctor's appointments that we attend, and some issues we monitor. So far, he looks and acts fairly "normal" and we are grateful for each day as we have it. (Normal is not a word we use in this house often. I don't think I've actually ever been accused of being normal, so it's a relative term. Haha!!)

Yes, you guessed it!! Stitching is my link to sanity!! It actually always has been. I taught myself to cross-stitch when I was 19 to help with working/college/life just as a normal American teenager who was on her own. It was great!! Most everything I made was given away as gifts, and sadly, I never kept pictures of what I made. Now, I selectively give gifts to those I think will appreciate them, and I keep my children happy with their items and my house decorated.  I have my Finishes listed in their own area, and my to-do list also kept on its own. 

However, to make things "official," here is what I am hoping to finish in 2013:

Jordan's Baby Sampler
Stoney Creek Months: February, March, April & May
Mirabilia Sunflower Fairy
Celtic Wedding Sampler
Letter from Nora - "M"
Letter from Nora - "T"
Stoney Creek Autumn Bell Pull
Cross Eyed Cricket Autumn
Mill Hill Poinsettia Ornament

I'm sure I will add to this list or deviate from it during the year, but these are the main items that I would love to finish in 2013.  

Well, on to the stitching!!


  1. Good luck with your WIP's this year. You have picked a great list to work on!

  2. Sounds like a busy life, but a happy one! All the best with your Wip this year!! :)

  3. good luck with your wips dear..
    big hugs x


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