Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Stitching

I am very happy to report that I was able to stitch this weekend. It was great to have needle to fabric again after being sick for so long. While I am still battling whatever this Demon Infection is, I am at least able to concentrate and create. I felt horrible when I realized that it was February and not only did I still have some Christmas decorations up, but I hadn't completed the February monthly pattern, so I got busy on it. 

Sadly, I was not well enough to attend the Super Bowl party, so I happily sat down to stitch. (I will say that I think it's just crappy that making breakfast for the family was "overdoing it". Stupid cold/flu thing.)  The youngest child had to stay home with me as well - sadly she was stuck at home simply because she doesn't listen or follow directions well, and with only one parent in attendance, there was no way to supervise her. However, imagine my surprise when she crawled into my lap and asked me to teach her to stitch.

I have spent a lot of time teaching the older two how to cross-stitch, but they simply aren't interested in it.  They only went through the motions because it is something that their Mama likes, but they are too interested in other things such as computer games, the XBox, etc.  They are into chatting with their friends, talking about boys and bands, etc. Welcome to my life with a 12 and 13-year-old in the house. 

Because I didn't want to take away from the child's request to stitch, I got her a cut of Aida, and we designed a simple design for her to stitch. I also had a coaster available, so I showed her what we would put her finished project in. She became very excited, and we sat down to stitch while watching the Super Bowl.

I went over the loop method to start and why, how to read the pattern, why it's important to pay attention, etc. She was totally excited especially since I loaned her my travel kit with needle threader, scissors and a frogger - all beaded FOBs and pretty.  She sat right next to me, counting away and asking very good questions while she worked.  She always seemed to know exactly when she made a mistake, and she had no problem frogging her mistakes so she could have it "perfect." 

After an hour and a half, I felt she had a good enough handle on her work to pick up my own project. We cuddled together on the couch (as much as we could while stitching), and did our stitching. As she saw her letter J come to life, she got very excited.  "I'm doing it Mama! I'm stitching!"

I took the pictures of her stitching, and then I took pictures of her progress - just like she sees me to with my own work. At this point, she exclaimed, "I am SO addicted to this!"
I laughed to myself and marveled at the fact that the one daughter who has no patience and no attention span loves to stitch and does the best work. Sadly (for me), when I mentioned that to my hubby when he got home, he laughed and commented, "Oh, so she IS just like her Mama." Hmmmmmm, I guess I have to take credit for all of the headaches this youngest child gives us.  HeeHee.

My favorite part of the evening was when Jordan was asking me about my stash. "Will I get to use the really pretty fabrics (the hand-dyes)? When will I get my own stand? Will I ever get a kit like this for myself?" On and on she went. She not only loves to create, but she is already planning for her future. She asked if I have a Valentine project she can make when she finishes her coaster.  I told her all about the magazines that I have with a children's page in each, and her eyes lit up. I laughed and told her that since she's the only one who seems to like cross-stitching, that she would be the one to get all of my stuff.

The child sat straight up, eyes wide and smiled! "I'll get it all, Mama?!" I told her yes, when I'm dead and gone, she can have all of my stitching stash so she can continue to create all of the things that I had collected to make myself. This opened up a TON of funny statements from the child:

"So, I'll get everything when you die?"

"Oh, I will have so much stitching stuff and it's all so pretty!" (she then squealed with excitement.)

"So how much stuff DO you have?"

"Can I see everything?"

"But Mama, will you teach me everything you know before you die?"

At that one, I just started laughing. Apparently, it's now acceptable for me to die so long as I teach her how to stitch first. Hahahahaha!! My hubby is now concerned that she might try to poison me for my stash and suggested that I stop making stash purchases just in case.  Nice try!! I told him I placed two orders during a Super Bowl Sale. He said that was fine with him, but I should be prepared in case the child wants it for herself.  He, too, was giggling hysterically at the questions.

She did not want to go to bed because her coaster wasn't done. She begged and pleaded to stay up since she didn't think it would take her long to get it done. I had to be the tough Mama and send her to bed despite her excitement.  
I am happy to also report that she woke up this morning, quickly got dressed and ready for school and came running to see me, "Can I stitch now!! I'm ready for school!" Sadly, she only had 4 minutes to spare, so there wasn't time for her to stitch. Yay!! I have created another Stitching Diva!

Oh, and here's what I accomplished:

Just the outlining on the edges to finish and then I can frame it.


  1. Beautiful! Lol! You've created another one!! :D


  2. See?? You ARE the Ultimate Enabler! I knew it... ;)

    Congrats on your finish and on bringing another stitchaholic to the fold! We welcome her with open arms and can't wait to see what all she accomplishes under Mama's tutelage!

  3. wow so sweet..i love it..
    congrats dear..
    love x

  4. Sorry to hear you are still feeling a bit low but your daughter's excitement should have made up for having to stay in. Tell her congrats from me for having done this much on her first try, love the J.


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