Friday, February 15, 2013

TUSAL, WIP update, a Blog Hop and IHSW Weekend

This week has been crazy. The hubby and I left to go to Buffalo, NY in the winter to say goodbye to his grandmother. It was a very sad reason, but she was just shy of 96 - a good long life and plenty of memories to carry us all with. However, this beach chick was unprepared for Buffalo in winter. Wow!! That was an experience!!

So, to get caught up, I missed the TUSAL update for February, so here is my jar so far:
You can see the Valentine Heart that I created - all of the red and pinks. I also put the picture of Grandma and Grandpa behind it since they're together now and the reason that I was traveling.

I also figured since I had so much time on the plane ride home to start Stoney Creek's March pattern. It is a fun stitch, and it took up a few hours on the plane:

Whew! And I have returned home to a Blog Hop. 

Stitching the Night Away Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop

This topic is "How many needles have you lost?"

Hmmmmm, I think over the course of my stitching career, I have lost quite a few. An estimated amount is probably 20 or so.  The "best" story is not a pleasant one. I lost a needle about two years ago, and sadly, I found it with my foot. That was VERY painful and I have continued to be diligent in hanging on to my needles so that they don't end up in a tush or a foot ever again. 

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And now for the IHSW. It is the Hermit Weekend, and I would love to have time to finish the Month of March from Stoney Creek, the Hope bookmark and get a lot of work done on the Baby Sampler. I just realized I started the baby sampler in August!! I am just not motivated to finish it for some reason despite the fact it's for my own daughter.  What a crappy mom I am about that one!!  So, "finding motivation" is my goal for the weekend.


  1. Looks like your March is off to a good start there. And ouch - needles in the foot :-(

  2. i have been lucky kasey and never stepped on one,there is always a first time for everything though

  3. GAH! That is my worst nightmare. But mostly because I worry my family would become the victims. Not me!

  4. Were you able to take scissors on board the plane? If not, what did you use to cut the floss?

    1. Yes, I was able to take my scissors on the plane. I have done this numerous times and never had a problem. However, I still take my older and cheaper scissors rather than my nice Ginghers "just in case."


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