Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Stitcher's Worst Nightmare

I haven't been able to stitch lately, and working had become very difficult for me.  My hands have been cramping, and I had to visit  the ER due to severe seizing.  Yesterday, I heard the news: nerve strain.  If they can't control it with the braces and physical therapy, then they will reclassify as carpel tunnel.  Dear God, NO!  I'm stuck typing with one hand. Thankfully, it is my dominant hand that is the better hand, but there is still concern.  Apparently, typing for a living is not good for you.

Hopefully, I can return to stitching soon.  I think I'll make more use of my stand.


  1. oh dear i hope you feel better soon..
    lots of love for you x

  2. Hi Kasy. Read your post and wanted to post a little uplift for you. I was a Administration Secretarial Supervisor and typed every day, most of the day. I've had carpal tunnel release surgery on both hands and going on 19th for right thumb to be done (they release the tendon sheath and then it allows the tendon to move freely. It is extremely easy and quick operation, probably about 15 minutes and they just freeze the area. I tell you, it is the best thing I ever did to help the pain in my hands. I am actually looking forward to getting the fingers done that I need done so I can continue on with stitching, I wish you all the best with it, don't be afraid. :)

    1. Anne - THANK YOU! You have taken a lot of my anxiety away!!! I start PT next week, so I'll see how that helps. Just taking it easy has made things better, but if it comes to surgery, I also have information to use and ask good questions.

  3. That's terrible! I hope it resolves itself soon without having to go through surgery. Rest those hands. Your stitching will be waiting for you when you return.


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