Monday, July 8, 2013

Part 1 Finished

Part 1 of the Little House Needleworks Mystery SAL is now complete.  I had such a great time working on this piece - even with a little frogging.

Again, what is making this piece so awesome for me is that my friend all the way in Cape Town, South Africa is also stitching this same piece at the same time.  It is really nice knowing that when this is complete, it will hang on a wall in my home just as there will be a "copy" hanging on a wall in a different Country!!  

Seriously, this is a very easy stitch, and it is simply joyous to do.  I do not like linen, so I asked about a Jobelan fabric. My fabric is much lighter than what was called for in the kit. The floss is all Weeks Dye Works. The entire piece of fabric is only 16" x 16", so this won't be very big. 

I was most nervous about NOT starting this piece in the middle.  Since Part 1 was the top, I asked around, and then measured two inches down, crossed my fingers and dove right in.  

Well, I should have a week before Part 2 is here, so I'm going to get moving on some other projects in the meantime.  


  1. Nice start..I'm using Jobelan for the first time and like it.Nice and soft but still stays taunt.Look forward to part 2.


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