Sunday, April 21, 2013

Going to Verification...Sorry!

I have worked very hard to keep this blog "verification free." However, my accounts all got hacked yesterday, and it initially cost me just over $1,000. I was having emails from an Anonymous source on one particular post, and I could tell it was spam, but they kept coming. I am not sure if that is the same group of people that drained my personal accounts or not, but because of it all, I have changed my blog to require the verification. I know that it is a pain, and I apologize, but I lost 7 hours of my life yesterday in fixing the hack-job, and I still have to make some calls tomorrow during business hours to be sure that I have my own identity and that I'm not sharing it with a total butt-head at this point.

Please continue to enjoy my blog, and I love comments if you don't mind typing in those numbers and letters to leave them for me.

Hope everyone is able to enjoy their stitching this weekend!


  1. Oh no, hope its all sorted out now.x

  2. A little verification will not stop us from visiting and wishing you well.


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