Wednesday, April 24, 2013

IHSW for April

I decided to start a rotation. I have found that I seem to have Stitcher's ADD, and I get bored quickly if I only work on one project.

This is the Gadsden Flag pattern, and my husband was thrilled when I purchased it. He even took an interest in what fabric I chose for it as he plans to have it framed and hung up in his garage. My husband is retired from the USMC and while I have some EGA patterns waiting to be done, this was the one he wanted completed first.

The fabric is 28ct Jobelan hand-dyed by Stephanie Bishop in Sunflower. It is perfect!

The stitching is going quickly now. I had to frog one entire evening's worth of work since I was off by an entire row, but I'm glad I did the frogging.


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