Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Making Progress

My hands have been doing better. I am happy to report that my employer purchased a great program for me to use that is speech-to-text which is saving me from typing so much. I have to use the braces in order to stitch, but now that I have grown accustomed to them a bit, I am making some progress.

My daughter is excited to see this come to life in front of her - much like she was with the J Fairy. It's funny to me, but she is enjoying my work on this one a lot more than the J Fairy, and she says it's because this one is "about her." I hope to finish it soon, but there is a large bottom portion of this pattern.


  1. This is just the cutest pattern ever! Glad to hear you're able to stitch a little easier now.

  2. Its really pretty:-) I love watching mine come to life too. I bet your daughter will become a cross stitch addict too:-)

  3. It looks fantastic. My daughter also loves the process but the finished object loses her interest:-)

  4. Wonderful progress!! I'm glad you'restitching again :)

  5. Looks so pretty,glad to hear shes loves watching it grow.
    Is this for the daughter that started Cross stitching?.

    1. Julie - Yes, it's for that daughter (the other two already have one). She is *almost* done with her little J, but she has lost interest for now. :)

  6. Love it Kasey! You are doing very well with one handed stitching!! I am zipping away now after my surgery on thumb. Keep up the beautiful work. Love to see it. Happy your boss is so great!! :)


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