Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scissor holder

Yet again, I have caved in to "peer" pressure.  I have seen some great scissor holders on Facebook lately, so I decided to check things out for myself.  The insert is called a flower frog - which I found to be very ironic for stitchers since we hate to frog out our work - but nevertheless, the insert has holes to hold flowers, or in our case, scissors.

There are a variety of sizes available, and then there's the vase itself. Many people have gorgeous vintage vases - mostly Depression glass - to hold theirs, but I wanted to have something unique to me. 

Viola!! I remembered that I have 4 candle holders made by my friend's mom for her wedding.  Keri and I have known each other since Jr. High, and her mother is an artist complete with her own kiln in the backyard. I have purchased one of Barbara's pieces that sits on my china hutch in a proud display:
but these wedding decorations had stayed in a cabinet because I didn't know how to display them or use them.  I didn't want candles to get melted inside and not be able to get them out, but then the idea of the scissor holder came to mind.

Like I said, there are four that I have; 2 taller ones and 2 shorter ones. Each have my friend and her husband's names on the back and their wedding date on the bottom.  What a great thing to have!! 
So, I scoured eBay and looked at flower frogs. I figured that a 7 hole frog would fit the taller one, and I placed an order.  It arrived quickly and in wonderful condition.  It had been used, so I had to soak it and clean out the holes, but it was very pretty.
The frog did not fit in the shorter ones because of the unusual opening, but it fit in the taller one perfectly, and now I have a pretty holder for my scissors!
It's prefect!!!  I hated having such pretty scissors kept in my stitching bag, so now they and the jar get to be on display!  Now, I just need to get more scissors to fill up the spaces.......hmmmmmmm, I guess I'll keep finding new ones to purchase!


  1. Wow they all so beautiful..
    Lovely scissor fob xx

  2. Nice little candle pots and Fob.Its so nice to be able to use these things in different ways to make use of them,instead of being stuck in a cupboard.

  3. These jars are the perfect way to display your scissors! I'm very taken with flower frogs and have several different bowls or jars with them in various places throughout the house. I'm glad you found a great use for your pretty holders.


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