Monday, November 12, 2012

December Prep

It was a long weekend to honor the sacrifice made by our Military this weekend, and with that comes my girls all home and camping out in my living room. They take over control of the television, the dining room table, etc. which makes it difficult for  me to spread out and do the stuff that I want such as working on the large stitching project.  So, I put Netflix on my computer in my office and started the smaller project for the Month of December:
After a few episodes of Frasier, this was what I accomplished:

A really cool plus for the weekend was my middle son has suddenly taken an interest in what it is that I do (step-son, but I usually don't make the differentiation). He was watching me go through some patterns and he started asking questions. After some time, it seems that he realizes now the amount of time and energy that goes into this, and he's seeing everything a bit differently. I was really surprised by the change, and very happy with his interest. I wonder if I can get him to learn to cross-stitch now. Hmmmm......


  1. Love your December - It would be great to have a stitcher in the house, he will have an even great appreciation for his ornament..

  2. Beautiful December stitching x

  3. Wonderful that your son has taken an interest in your stitching! Love the little stockings!

  4. That's great that your son is interested in the stitching! It's always warm fuzzies knowing someone else (even if they don't stitch) appreciates the effort that goes into the hobby! :D Your lil' stockings are looking great!


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