Tuesday, November 20, 2012

IHSW Update

The weekend for stitching came to an end. I already posted my progress on the Month of December which kicked off the IHSW weekend. How cool to have a finish during the Stitching Weekend!!

I did not get much time to stitch for the rest of the weekend. I'm stuck having to work on the week off in order to prepare for a State Audit, so I wanted to focus on getting the work done, but I did manage to get a little progress done on the Baby Sampler:

Some frogging was necessary on the collar, but the jack-in-the-box is coming along nicely. My daughter, for whom this is being made, has been watching my progress very carefully. She is asking questions about what I'm working on and when I think I'll me done. It's cute and fun for her to see something for her come to life.


  1. Mr Frog popped over and visited me too.The Sampler is looking good.

  2. That is coming along very nicely, Kasey. Love the colors.

  3. Its looking so cute. My daughter also has a wish list for me to stitch and two of my wips are for her.


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