Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Final Mira WIP.....for now.....

I have completed the last start on the 15 Miras in '15: it is Scarlet Tanager from Nora Corbett for a Round Robin.

As soon as I finish my portion, I will take a picture of the other work done on it - it is stunning!  The fabric is Snow Drifts by Stephanie, which is why the owner doesn't want the background blue to be stitched on it.

I was going to go back and work on a different Mira project, but I got my shipping notice from Stephanie, so I know the other fabrics are now on their way. This means that I will be able to do the last three "starts," and I hate that I have a lot of this other fabby folded while I work on Tanager. So, I'm going to get it done as fast as possible and send it off to the next person and then work on the three last starts.  Whew!


  1. I looked back and all your starts look great! Can't wait to see Sabrina progress , as I really want to start mine!

  2. wow its looking great..
    hugs x

  3. My good heavens girl! Thats a lot of starts! Beautiful stitches.

  4. Well done for completing your challenge! I love Steph's fabrics and Snow Drifts is one of my favourites, so versatile! I look forward to the progress pictures :)

  5. Thanks, Ladies!!! I am really enjoying these stitches!


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