Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekend Stitching

I have not been feeling well, but I used it as an excuse to stay inside and stitch.  Good idea, right??

Saturday, I managed to get a little done on my new start of Christmas Elegance by Mirabilia.

I'm completing her on 32ct Jobelan in "Ice Goddess" by Hand Dyed by Stephanie.  

I continued my starts with Fern on 32 ct Jobelan in "April Showers" by Stephanie.  I got a good start on her.
It is seriously difficult for me to have all of these "starts."  I'm too anal to have this many projects going at one time, and each time I have started one, I think, "This one will be the first one I finish."  Yeah, they are all going to be gorgeous, and I'm afraid I won't be able to choose one to work on until completion.  

I have three (well, it will actually be two since I'm combining two onto one fabric) that are waiting for fabric, so I'm stuck starting them for a while.  I think that's actually going to be a good thing though especially since I'm not sure how to handle the really large one.  I don't like to stitch in hand, and I hate the idea of having so much fabric balled up on the ends (I will be using an entire yard of fabric for it).  I still have time to plan, so that's good.


  1. I too do not like having so many projects going on at once. I currently have three and am thinking this is too much! Love your fabric choices, they look beautiful.

    1. Oh - having all of these WIPs lying around is making me batty, and I have three more to start. Egads! They are beautiful, and the hard part is going to be deciding which one to finish first when they are all started. :)


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