Thursday, January 1, 2015

Day 1 of the 15 Miras

Well, I started this insane mess today by working a little on the Letter M, and then I worked on getting some more the Mirabilias/Nora Corbetts kitted up.  Talk about procrastinating! 

Here is my List of Intentions:

Yep, I have seriously lost my mind.  On top of these, I have the Penny Series by Hands on Design I would like to finish; that being the other half of Twice Blessed plus Winter Solstice and the next two seasons Cathy is working on.  However, I think that these 15 will take all of my time.

Here is my meager progress on Letter M (I think I added all of 6 stitches to it):
The plan is to start one new Mirabilia or Nora Corbett (who is the Designer/Owner of Mirabilia) each day from January 1 - 15.  Then, we can take the rest of the year to complete these 15.  As I still have two fabrics on order, I won't be able to start them until they arrive, but since there's no hard and fast rules in the group, I'm not going to worry about it.

Tomorrow, on to Halloween Fairy.....

If you are interested in trying this out, click this link:  15 Miras in '15

There are plenty of amazing SALs out there for 2015 - whether by size of the project, designer or interest.  I love participating in them even if I don't finish the project.  I will be receiving the latest Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks (AAN) Mystery Sal for 2015 starting on the 5th - not that I plan to get it done this year, but I couldn't resist the idea of a Perpetual Advent Calendar. 

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