Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mira SAL - Days 2, 3 and 4

I have had to put a reminder into my phone to daily remind me to get some stitching done.  Of course, if I hadn't procrastinated getting everything together, it would be easier on me (duh? Right?!)

Friday, I finally started on Sunflower Fairy.  This pattern was included in the Cross-Stitch and Needlework magazine some time ago.  I managed to get a copy  through the magazine directly, and the pattern cost almost as much as the magazine.  
Stitched on 32 ct Jobelan in Simply Sage by Hand Dyed by Stephanie

Given my love of sunflowers, I have really wanted to complete this one, and I'm really glad I started her!  She came along very nicely.  The entire pattern calls for Valdani threads, which I managed to get individual skeins of.  Hand dyed threads are always beautiful, but I find that I'm anxious when using them.  What if the pattern doesn't look "acceptable" when its finished because of the dyed threads??  So far, I like this!

Today, I spent the morning solving a major problem for myself - how to organize the threads for each project!  I know that this is the reason that I procrastinated so long, but I only had a few LoRan organizers, and my wood ones aren't large enough to hold all of the threads for a Mira project.  

Many people I know just pull out a bit from the skein, and then snip it and use a strand at a time.  I'm not that "flexible" in my stitching, and I prefer to have the colors organized in numerical order with the symbol written right next to the floss color.  This allows me to put the color back when I'm done and use them again for another project.  Anal?  Very much so, but it's my method.  

So, what the hell was I supposed to do with 15 projects going at the same time??  Dear Gawd!!  I'm not a Serial Starter - I'm more of the Disciplined Diva, but I said I would do this.  So, I improvised with manila folders, a single hole punch, a ruler and a pair of scissors.

Voila!  Not bad! This is seriously time consuming, but it's functional!!!  I worked on making all of the cards I needed, and then I'm going to spend the evening getting the next day's project ready.  So far, it looks like I have most all of the threads needed to get started.  I believe there are some specialty threads I still need, but I should be OK for most of the year.

Day 3 of the SAL was delayed - but for a good cause!  We were invited out to supper with two other couples.  Since we're still getting settled into our new community, it was nice to have the invite, and we didn't want to say no. 

We had an amazing time with these other four people.  Lots of laughing and eating and drinking.  The fun lasted until after midnight, and then I just didn't feel like stitching.  

For today, Day 4, I started on my third piece:  Halloween Fairy by Nora Corbett.  This is one of her Limited Edition fairies that you can only buy as a kit.  
The fabric is 28 ct Lugana in Opal Falling Leaves from Hand Dyed by Stephanie.  I think she is going to look great on this fabric!

Despite my intentions, I did not get to stitch as much as I wanted, but I still made progress.  If nothing else, I will be far more motivated to get some stitching done on a regular basis rather than letting Life overwhelm me.   Stitching, for me, is my stress relief and helps keep me sane.  I guess my joining this crazy SAL is a way to keep me from going crazy.


  1. I am in awe of your 15 mira starts! I would be happy to finish one in a year lol

    1. HeeHee - let's see how many I actually get finished this year. :)

  2. Yes, you're crazy for 15 Miras! :D They will be amazing to stitch up. Stitching is my stress relief too... most of the time.


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