Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 2, IHSW & A Golden Opportunity!

Wow! Two days in a row, and I was able to sneak in some stitching. It was a glorious treat, and I'm so glad to be able to get some time in on my favorite hobby despite the exhaustion from work. Yay! The little bear is coming right along!! 
It's also a perfect time to share my status on my WIP because this weekend is International Hermit and Stitch Weekend!! That's right, it's here again (already)! 
If you have not participated in the IHSW, then click the picture and enjoy. There's no stress, and no one even minds if you can't stitch this weekend, but we stitchers always love to see what everyone else is working on, and there is a plethora of blogs listed for you to spend DAYS perusing!! 

Hopefully, by Sunday night, I will have made great strides in the baby sampler that I'm working on. My goal is to at least have the bear completed, and then I would love to start on the Jack-in-the Box in the center. We'll see how my time allows!

Lastly, I have seen a great blog that has a wonderful opportunity for us to share our love. There is an elementary teacher in Pennsylvania who teachers her students to cross-stitch, but like most teachers, there isn't enough money in the district for supplies, so she subsidizes with her own funds. Apparently, there was a post back in June, and this teacher is happily receiving donations, and I wanted to make sure to not only use this opportunity to go stash shopping to donate as well, but I wanted to spread the word. As a teacher, myself, I cannot begin to tell each of you how much money I have spent out of my own meager paycheck over the last 10 years for supplies. Yes, we get to write off our expenses on our income tax, but only up to $250 each year. Um, the average I have spent of my own money is closer to $1500; some years more, some years less. 

So, please go to this link - not only will you get to see a great blog, but you will have the information to help these new stitchers:
Besides, isn't is just AWESOME to enable all of these little people into becoming just like us!!  


  1. Hope you reach your goals for the weekend and find lots of stitching time.

  2. Mom of two teachers, and Mom-in-Law to another. Thanks for sharing this link, This is a great and wonderful thing.


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