Monday, October 15, 2012

October TUSAL

It is that time again! I love being able to show off what I've been working on via the ORTs.  I thought that for this picture, I would give you not only a glimpse of those little pieces left over after stitching, but one of the autumn decorations I made.
Can you see all of the Christmas colors in there from completing the boys' ornaments? Now, I am seriously hoping to find time to work on the baby sampler for my almost 9-year-old.

I will also share my new fabrics:
I placed a rather large order from Stephanie because I wanted to get some of her Fall Limited Editions on hand, and then I found that I wanted two more smaller pieces for a couple of projects, and THEN! she had a test dye that I totally loved.....Well, you get the idea.

There had better be some time for me to get some stitching done, or I will not have anymore room for fabric.  OK, seriously, I'll just buy another bin, but you get the point. Work has interfered with my ability to stitch for long enough.  

Hope everyone is having a great start to their week!! 


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