Monday, October 22, 2012

IHSW Update

What a great weekend!! While I hate being away from my hubby, I was glad to know that he had a great time this weekend AND my girls did really well in getting along. What is it about sisters that they are the best of friends and the worst of enemies at the same time?? Well, this weekend, I spent most of the time with Mother/Daughter time which they loved, but I managed to get some stitching done as well.

I would have loved to spend more time on the stitching, but I really couldn't justify putting off the girls to do it. It was great to actually reach the goal that I set for myself - to finish the bear and get working on the jack-in-the-box.
Honestly, I thought that this would be a quicker stitch because I was using a kit. I hadn't realized that in the last three years, I have apparently reached more of an "Advanced" status with my stitching. I have struggled to work with evenweaves and specialty flosses, but I hadn't realized what an upgrade and change they are from the kits that I used to always purchase. 

Going back to Aida has been difficult. I'm spending the entire time wishing I was using Jobelan so that the pattern would blend better and not be so choppy. The floss?? Oh.My.God! This stuff sucks!! I'm tired of the floss shredding while I'm using it and knotting up. 

Well, I promised myself that I would stick with the original design and style for this birth sampler. Again, I am re-doing the one that was almost finished, but the girls' father destroyed to get back at us for leaving him. So, I will persevere with this kit. 


  1. I am in the minority I guess as I have tried using 28 count evenweave and hated it. I rather use aida and do fractionals the hard way.
    I am sure that once you finish the sampler it will be a huge relief as it will wash away the previous time you were making it and you will have the memories of good times with this one and not the bad times with the previous one.

  2. lovel stitching..
    have a lovely day xxx

  3. Very pretty! I hear ya regarding aida fabrics ;/

  4. It's coming along nicely. Hang in there, then you can get back to the linen and evenweave! :)

  5. You're making good progress - keep at it.

  6. It will look so pretty when finished.
    I always used Aida,thinking Evenweave and Linen would be hard.How wrong was i.Just love it now and wished i used it years ago on my favorite pieces instead of Aida.


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