Sunday, October 7, 2012

Letter B - Complete

It was tough getting to my stitching with all of the work that I have had to deal with, but I made it my mission to get the Letter B done this weekend. I am very happy to have these little gifts completed and ready for Christmas for the boys.

 And here it is put into an ornament:
For the final photo, I took a picture of all three of the boys' ornaments side by side. I have to say, that I'm fairly pleased with myself, and I really hope that they boys like them.


  1. Very nice. I love the way they are finished.

  2. They look wonderful. The finishing makes them so special

  3. Those turned out great! I am sure they will be treasured always.

  4. They're beautiful, Kasey. I'm sure the boys will love them. :D


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