Thursday, December 27, 2012

Baby Sampler Update

I missed the IHSW posting, and I failed to even sign up for this year. That worked out well especially considering we were entirely too busy over the weekend for me to stitch. 

Now that Christmas is over, I have been able to get some stitching done, and I'm happy to report that there has been some progress on Jordan's Baby Sampler.  Here is where it was when I left off:
And here is where I left off last night:
I will state that I no longer enjoy having a kit. I really do enjoy picking my own fabric (usually a hand-dyed), and I definitely noticed the difference in the floss.  This floss is knotting and breaking a LOT, and I am not enjoying all of the time that it is taking to make this. I will get it done so that my youngest has her own sampler, and I'm sticking with the kit to have it match her sisters'.  

I'm not sure what you all got for Christmas, but I am happy to brag say that I didn't have to purchase my own stitching stash. My husband knows where to find my Wish Lists, and he spoiled me rotten.  Of course, most of us have trained our hubby's/significant others to bookmark our Wish Lists on the various websites. He always knows where to find exactly what I want (and, in all fairness, I know where to find all of his). Please excuse my Christmas Morning appearance, but it's the gifts you'll notice anyway.
 Yay!! I finally own a pair of Gingher scissors - this is Ella and a cute sunflower FOB
 The Mirabilia Santa (oh, I so wanted him) and some coffee
 You can't see it clearly, but this is the Fireside Embroidery. The chart is a HAED, but 
the artwork is my aunt's, Kim Jacobs. How cool for me!
Another coffee pattern, and then Mill Hill's Margarita and Sunflower Fields. 

There is more that the hubby didn't get a picture of, the Spider Banner pattern, a Mill Hill Flip-Flop kit, a Kreinik corder, and some project cards and floss.  Oh, I definitely have too much stash, but it's so nice to be able to peruse and decide what to do next!!


  1. That looks like a wonderful day of lots of stitchy goodness. I have yet to get hubby to buy me stash but maybe one day:-)

  2. A wonderful assortment of goodies to start the new year! One can never have too much stash. Neverrrr.

    Yes, the other half is definitely trained to look at wishlists, haha. Who knows what we'd wind up with without them, LOL!


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