Thursday, December 13, 2012

December TUSAL Ort Report

Where, exactly, has the entire year of 2012 gone??? I seem to recall that just the other day I was posting on my family blog about what a great New Year's celebration we had, and now I have decorated my house for Christmas. Hmmmm......Time just keeps flying by! Wow!

So, here is my December Ort Report:
Can  you see all of the Christmas stitching that I was feverishly doing over the last month??

I am not sure if I will have a post prior, but Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that no matter what your faith or beliefs and what your situation, that you will have a wonderful holiday and being able to spend this season exactly the way that you want. 


  1. Beautiful tree and lovely Orts x

  2. You had lots of orts for the month! Your tree is very pretty.


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