Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flip-Flop WIP Progress

Well, tomorrow will kick off the International Hermit Stitching, so I thought I had better get an updated progress of my Flip-flop WIP to make it easier to tell how much I actually get done over the weekend.  I am truly enjoying working on this piece.  After my horribly failed attempt at linen, I am really glad that I tried an evenweave.

This is being done on 28 ct Jobelan hand-dyed in Queen Anne's Lace over 2 using DMC Floss:


  1. Awesome progress! i have this pattern but have not started it yet.
    Happy Stitching

    1. Thanks! As much as I love to stitch, this has been a GREAT project to work on, and it will probably always reign as a favorite. I love the colors and the theme! I'm looking forward to having it framed and hung in the house!


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