Saturday, May 26, 2012

Getting there....

The flip-flops are moving right along. I did not think that this last pair would be so difficult, but it does take quite a bit of pattern and creativity to get it done. I've also noticed that my eyes are struggling and my neck hurts after working on these a while, however, I managed to get a lot accomplished today.

What I hate is the back of this design. With the last pattern, it is very difficult to make it "pretty" like I prefer to do. 
 I have always tried to keep the backs as clean as possible. The red and orange flip-flops are clean, but the yellow is a wreck.
 You can clearly see that I work hard to ensure that there is continuity in my stitching, and I do my best to never tie off in a different color.
But it is just impossible to do with this yellow flip-flop.  The grid pattern on these is difficult and requires much more detail and time than I first saw when looking at the pattern.  

At the end of the day, I had completed quite a bit of stitching.  Once this last flip-flop is complete, I will only have the WELCOME and pattern at the bottom to finish.  

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  1. Looking good ~ even the back. It feels so wonderful when you are finally nearing the end.
    Nice stitching!!!
    God Bless ~


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