Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I hate the bugger!

There has been a picture of a frog that has gone around the stitching forums that I frequent.  This picture is exactly what I think of every time I have to remove any and all stitching.

This is a fabulous rendition of the frog giving you the finger while you rip out hard work that you had done. What a total little shit this froggie is.

Ripping out backstitching is the worst thing to me! It got to the point that I was starting to pull out stitches, so I had to put it down, back away, and then go back to the piece to try again.  What a pain in the ass, but I finally got the sections fixed, and I resumed my backstitching.

Because of Memorial Day, I did not get anything done yesterday, and today did not see great progress because of the frogging.  However, two more flip-flops are outlined.

The last flip-flops will take some additional time as the yellow stripes are outlined in purple, and then I will be able to backstitch the rest.  So close to being done, but I'm still afraid I won't make the end of the month deadline I gave myself.  


  1. Hi

    Love that photo - he's truly a horrible frog!
    Your flipflops are looking great!

    1. Thanks Milly! Yes, the frog can just bite me. I hate when he shows up in my house. :) I'm looking forward to finishing this piece!

  2. such lovely stitching even if the annoying frog did visit you!


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