Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Needle Minders

OK, I have seen these gadgets on others' photos for some time, so I went to a couple of websites to see what the heck they are about: Needleminders.  I really liked the look of the Hibiscus - only because I couldn't find a Plumeria one.

However, the information that I find for these just says to lay your needle on it.  Um, is it magnetic? does it hold the needle? If my piece falls to the ground, am I still going to lose the needle?  How do these work and are they worth the money??


  1. Think of it like a button that has a small round magnet behind it,sitting on top of your fabric,then another small magnet underneath the fabric to hold the button in place.The needle stays in place on the magnet part.
    Sometimes when i turn my work over it stays in place,others it might fall off.
    Hope i have not confused you. :)

    Welcome to the land of blogging by the way.

  2. Julie - THANK YOU! I was hoping there was a magnet on there. Does it leave marks on your fabric when it sits? For $10 and shipping, I want to be sure I'll like it. :)

  3. I have had no problems when i have remembered to use it.
    There is a lot of nice ones,but for what they are a nice big fancy button(without holes showing)/Badge and 2 magnets will do the job and a lot cheaper.If only i thought of that before.:)


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