Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stand Storage

I'm not going to post my WIP until after the weekend's event, but I have seen it discussed on some of the forums about how many people do not like a stand's size.  I will admit that it is difficult at times, and when I have a party, I move my stand into my office so nothing is damaged.  I would hate to have to kill a former friend for ruining a stitching WIP.  However, once I'm done, I simply protect the WIP with a pillow case (best suggestion I ever received!), and then I move it to the wall out of everyone's way.
Typically, I will have the one large project going that requires the stand, and if I'm going to travel, I will kit up something small that I can throw in my purse.  The pillowcase was a fabulous idea - I live in the desert.  There is no way to keep the dirt and dust at bay unless we spend the money for double paned windows, and even THEN, it's not 100%.  At some point, I would have to open a door.  So, the pillow case keeps the dust off the fabric, keeps the sun from fading the floss, and not even the dog's hairs are on my WIPs. 

All in all, it's been the best solution for me. I'm a two-handed stitcher, so the stand allows me to stitch the way that's natural and also allows me to stitch faster.  Having to hold a hoop or even just the fabric in hand keeps me from using both hands like I enjoy.

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