Saturday, June 2, 2012

Compulsive Shopping AKA Stitcher's Stash

What is it about a Stitcher's need for Stash??  I have seen threads on Facebook groups that have discussed this, yet I found myself this morning ordering yet another kit that I have no idea when I'm going to have time to stitch it.  

I saw this great series on a group, and I suddenly HAD to have it! The work of Nora Corbett is amazing!! I have started collecting her work, and I have tried to stick with what I want for myself or my girls, but this is the Easter Fairy that I will add to the New Year's, Valentine and Halloween Fairy.  There is still the Thanksgiving and Christmas that I need to add, but my contact just doesn't have the kits yet. And the worst part is, I won't stop until I have them all!

I have seasonal items in all different shapes and sizes, but I don't think I have enough wall space for them all each season.  Hmmmmm. Where am I going to put all of them when I actually make them?! What is making me HAVE to HAVE them?! Mill Hill made a Seasonal Welcome Banner and I have them all - sitting in a bin waiting to be stitched. I also have all of the patterns for the Cricket Seasonal Series. 

June 1st found me purchasing the next installment of the Pattern of the Month through Stoney Creek:

Again, another series that I simply MUST own. Why?! With the free pattern comes the purchase of the frame and button accessories that make the pattern so cute.  These aren't so large, but again, there is a lack of wall space in my house.

I am hoping that once I complete the purchases of the Nora Corbett Limited Edition kits and the Stoney Creek Month patterns that I will find the end of this monthly purchase obsession.  However, there are other things that come up that I just have to have. I get that I purchase anything flip-flop or sunflower related, but then I'm faced with the problem that I only have SO much wall space or places to put things.

There's really no answer for this - it's all rhetorical, and I know that I'm in good company.  There are women who are obsessed with purchasing shoes, purses, or clothing.  I don't have those issues which is good since my closet isn't large enough at ALL.  And I haven't even touched on the amount of hand-dyed fabrics I have stocked up on in order to be prepared to make all of these lovely patterns.

I sincerely hope to actually make all of the patterns that I have and that my house will look tastefully decorated for each season. I also hope that as I have this large amount of stash that one day my need to continue purchasing will end.  At this rate, my daughters will each have a lifetime of things to do.  

As a post-script, I had just finished clicking "Update" to this post, and my postman arrived.  Fun! I received two Mirabilia patterns that I ordered: Three for Tea and Lady of the Flag along with a FOB that I really loved with "Keep Calm and Stitch On" which I wanted to use for my threader - which I can never find in my bag when I need it right away.

 I will be using the Blue Dress Conversion on the Three for Tea since this wonderfully represents my girls.  The FOB was perfect for me, and it helps that I was able to custom order mine for the colors that I wanted.  Thank you Kathy at Designs by Lisa!


  1. It is not your fault your stash keeps growing - its those pesky designers that keep making beautiful patterns we cannot help but purchase! *lol*

    1. Thank you! I will keep that in mind from now on. The designers are at fault; not me. ;)


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