Saturday, June 23, 2012

Letter J Fairy

I have (re)started the Letter J by Nora Corbett. The Jordan fairy gave me trouble last time because I was using linen. It was the recommended linen and color, but working on linen drove me insane. I hated it, and it made working on her tedious.

Finally, I posted a question on a stitching forum on facebook, and everyone agreed that if I wasn't happy stitching her to offer her to someone else, and then work on fabric I liked.

Jocelyn Mattatall took Jordan, and I happily stitched some other projects. I needed to build back up the will to stitch Jordan. Added to that is the fact I really wanted to find the perfect fabric for Jordan not only because I want this to go as an heirloom piece to my daughter, also named Jordan, but because I wanted to use the same fabric for each of the letter fairies I stitch for each of my three daughters.

After a long deliberation, I decided to go with Stephanie Bishop's Spring Breeze 28 ct Lugana.  

At this point, I'm a bit worried because the wings are blending in with the fabric color, but the portion of the J is popping out. I am thoroughly enjoying this stitching now. I'm so happy with evenweave over linen!!


  1. Methinks your fabric choice is excellent. I wouldn't worry to much about the blending in of the wings. The fabric and stitching are clearly visible. Good luck on this try, but I'm sure it will go really fine now.

  2. Is there any backstitching on this piece, because that could help define the wings a bit more if you thinks they are not standing out enough. Methinks they look great though, this is a wonderful start :)

  3. Thank you ladies!! Yes, there will be backstitching which is why I'm not too nervous about it. As I'm getting further into this pattern, I'm really loving her. So glad I took the advice and started over.


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