Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nearing the Finish

I am nearing the finish line on my Flip-Flops. I did not get a lot of stitching done over the weekend - I did make purchases and receive some stash, but life was just too busy to get anything done on my Flip-Flops.

A lot of time was "wasted" by my trying to change the pattern.  You see, I'm NOT a fan of blue. I know where my problem comes from: I grew up with everything blue - the house, the cars, the bathroom, the carpet throughout the house....everything was blue! I, personally love the color green, and I try to keep the family from suffering my fate, but I just couldn't stand looking at a blue Welcome on the bottom.

So, I picked a trio of greens and stitched the W. I didn't care for it at all - too dark. So, I frogged it out and tried another trio of greens; making sure to use the green that was in the pattern.  Now, the hubby didn't like it.  He even took an interest in this one, and we had a dialog about how he really preferred the blue for Welcome. I couldn't believe it! Sadly, though, he was right about it.  The blue really works with the pattern and gives you the "Ocean Feel" that the pattern elicits.

{Sigh} Now I frogged the W again for the third time, and I went with the original pattern - blue it is! I loved that the hubby gave input on the piece and not just because I plan to have it framed and hung over the front door, but it was nice for him to actually get involved in what I was doing.  What a treat!

Here was the work that I accomplished (without showing the green attempts):

I have also decided that I will not be stitching the multi-colored bar at the bottom of the design. I just don't like it. The hubby didn't have an opinion one way or the other about it, so he was fine with my decision, and now I just have to see how fast I can save the money for framing the piece. 


  1. It's a beautiful piece and the blue looks lovely:-) sometimes it's not so easy to change one color on an overall multi colored magazine. Good thing you only had to unpick one letter though.

  2. Hi

    Your flip-flops are lovely, so colourful! It's nice when your husband takes an interest.


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