Sunday, June 17, 2012


It was time for the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend which takes place every 3rd weekend of each month. "In our very busy and hectic lives, IHSW is a chance for us to squirrel some time away for ourselves and "Hermit and Stitch." It is a time set aside to take care of us and our love for stitching."

This month, I had nothing but good intentions.  We got back from our beach vacation on Friday, and I started a new project.  Then, the entire weekend just got away from me.  In all fairness, it really wasn't my fault.  This particular weekend was not only Father's Day, but it also happened to be my birthday.

Now, I think that it was MY birthday, so I should have been able to sit and stitch and enjoy myself.  Apparently, I underestimated my friends and family - completely!! Places to go, people to see, and so many plans made on my behalf with very little input from me.  How did that happen??

So, as Sunday night draws to a close, I took a picture of the entire stitching that I completed since Friday night.  I am not impressed:


  1. LOL! that happens too all of us. when you plan on sitting and stitching it seems nobody will leave you alone. But I hope you had a great time with your friends celebrating your birthday.
    Happy Birthday

  2. Ah, it turned into one of those "The best laid plans" weekends - we all get them. You may not be impressed, but a stitch is a stitch!


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